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Establishment and travel agency at 2874 Kingsview Blvd SE, Airdrie, AB T4A 0E1, Canada. Here you will find detailed information about Traxx Coachlines: address, phone, fax, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, directions and more.


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2874 Kingsview Blvd SE
Alberta T4A 0E1
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+1 403-948-1784



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Reviews of Traxx Coachlines

    Brad Fox Added 2018-05-24
    We needed to charter a bus for our recent wedding, to run shuttles to and from the ceremony and reception venue (so our guests would not have to drive).

    Despite the fact I work in event and project management, I'm not sure I've ever had as tough a time on a transportation issue like I had trying to charter a coach in Calgary. The bulk of companies just never responded to e-mail or phone requests for a quote, of those that did quotes were wildly disparate, often unclear, trying to sell us on vehicles clearly not suited for our needs or, in one situation, after having a verbal agreement for over a month and continually not providing a contract finally admitting that all their drivers were suddenly "on vacation" so they couldn't take the job.

    Annalise and the team at Traxx on the other hand actually *responded* to our request for a quote quickly, were clear in their quote, prompt in answering questions and getting the various contracts and schedules turned around. From when we first reached out to them, we had a final contract signed within 48 hours.

    The event went great, the driver was punctual, and the vehicle was clean and well maintained. Our guests told us that Geoffrey, the driver, was great - and in one case went above and beyond - adding in an additional stop to help our guests out.

    The only thing holding me back from a 5-star rave is that their pricing was towards the higher end of what I'd expect to pay for charter bus service - but I can't stress enough that they actually delivered on everything they promised.

    Given the headaches we had dealing with several other companies in the city, we won't hesitate to use Traxx again if we needed charter service in the area.
    Henry Gagnon Added 2017-12-24
    It was just tonight (Aug 13th 2017) at around 9:30pm, I had witnessed a reckless TRAXX Coachline driver honking at a Lexus driver on Cambie st and 18th avenue, Vancouver BC. The Lexus driver was trying to parallel park into a meter parking spot occupied by another driver, and despite having plenty of room in between the bus and the Lexus, the TRAXX bus driver continued to approach the Lexus. The bus driver left little to no room between the two vehicles and I was stunned by the lengthy and repeated honks from the TRAXX bus. Though the Lexus driver provided the bus driver with an ample amount of space to pull out, the bus driver escalated the situation by continuing to threaten the young man in the Lexus by tailgating his car. I was utterly disappointed by this bus driver's behaviour, and was distressed enough to write my first Google review. The endorsement of such inconsiderate drivers from TRAXX Coachlines offers nothing but danger and potential threat to both street drivers, pedestrians, and tourists (such as myself). TRAXX Coachlines should address this behaviour with not only this particular driver, but also all the drivers operating their vehicles to upkeep their slogan of so-called "Safe, comfortable, and reliable". The bus driver of this incident was driving the bus #5622. As of this moment, this company deserves only "danger, wild, and horrific".

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